Martin Logan Speakers: High-Performance Loudspeakers & Audio

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ESL Series x Martin Logan Speakers


Experience audio perfection with Martin Logan electrostatic speakers, a groundbreaking collection that sets a new standard for the delicate balance between price and performance in loudspeakers. Martin Logan ESL loudspeakers are perfect for those exploring the realm of premium sound without diving into the technicalities, these home theater speakers seamlessly blend aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. To complete your stereo setup, pair your favorites with a couple of Martin Logan bookshelf speakers and a center channel situated in the middle of your TV stand. When it comes to design, Martin Logan speakers are crafted with PoweredForce and ForceForward technologies, delivering a powerful bass experience with an unprecedented level of detail. Paired with Anthem Room Correction (ARC™), this advanced bass technology ensures a low-frequency precision within hifi Martin Logan speakers that is truly unparalleled, transforming your home theater system into a personalized sanctuary. Additionally, their AirFrame Blade design enhances audio accuracy and CLS technology provides high-frequency detail. These Martin Logan ESL speakers are a symphony of ultimate performance and innovation, providing an audio experience that transcends the ordinary. For instance, the Martin Logan ESL floor speakers in 15A produces etched imaging, focus, and agile full-range operation. Elevate your listening experience with Martin Logan ESL hifi speakers – where precision and innovation harmonize seamlessly.

Motion Series x Martin Logan Speakers


Revolutionize your home audio setup with Martin Logan speakers, featuring a bold design and a suite of outrageous audio. Redesigned from the inside out, these stereo speakers offer a refined sound crafted to withstand anechoic chamber measurements and blind listening tests. Each pair of speaker towers are height adjustable, ensuring optimal stability on any floor. With F.A.S.T. Outrigger Feet and anti-vibration properties, adjusting speaker height has never been easier, offering both ultimate convenience and precision for your home audio setup. When it comes to aesthetics, Martin Logan speakers are the perfect decor beside your tv stand, finished with modern walnut wood and glossy black aluminum. With Controlled Dispersion technology minimizing early reflections, these television speakers offer greater clarity and expanded placement options in any room. The best loudspeakers from the Motion Series are expertly tuned with McCracken-Vojtko crossovers, delivering a more natural and full sound, utilizing the presence of a floor for precision woofer placement. Upgrade your audio experience with new Martin Logan speakers that offer a personalized audio experience.

Martin Logan Motion XT F100, 60XTi & XT F200 Loudspeakers


Discover audio excellence with Martin Logan speakers. These loudspeakers are all about more detail, more clarity, and more power. Explore Martin Logan XT F100, Motion 60XTi and other home theater speakers that feature high-performance Nomex-Reinforced Kevlar midrange drivers with Martin Logan’s cutting-edge Gen2 Folded Motion XT Tweeter, delivering an immersive audio experience that goes beyond expectations. Martin Logan speakers contain a Folded Motion® Waveguide that improves your listening experience with detail and precision. What’s more: speakers such as the Martin Logan XT F200 utilize the waveguide that improves the Controlled Dispersion output of the tweeter, offering optimal coverage while preventing unwanted room reflections.

Powerful Bass with Martin Logan Subwoofers


Receive outrageous audio bass with Martin Logan subwoofers. Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence, these subwoofers redefine your audio experience by matching the speed and expert audio performance of your favorite pair of Martin Logan speakers. Whether you're a movie enthusiast or a music lover, Martin Logan subwoofers offer audiophile grade performance, a home-friendly style and wireless features that help you connect your music with ease.

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